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authority force of execution; mastery. [1/4 definitions]
auto-da-fé the public execution of such sentences, esp. the burning of heretics at the stake. [1/2 definitions]
behead to cut off the head of, usu. as a means of execution.
caption in law, the part of a legal document where the time, date, location, and authority of its execution are indicated. [1/4 definitions]
craft to fashion or create with foresight and skill of execution. [1/6 definitions]
crucifixion a method of execution in which the condemned person is tied or nailed to a cross. [2/3 definitions]
cut corners to do something in an easier and more expedient manner, often at the expense of quality or care in its execution.
death house a prison building where prisoners awaiting execution are housed, and where execution takes place.
death row a part of a prison where prisoners awaiting execution are housed.
death warrant an official authorization to carry out execution of a death sentence. [1/2 definitions]
deathwatch one who keeps guard over a person condemned to execution. [1/3 definitions]
entrust to assign or hand over to someone, as for care, protection, or execution. [1/2 definitions]
execute to carry out an execution of; put to death. [1/4 definitions]
gallows a wooden frame from which one or more nooses are suspended for the execution by hanging of condemned prisoners. [2/3 definitions]
garrote a form of execution, used formerly in Spain, by which a metal collar was gradually tightened around the victim's neck. [2/5 definitions]
gibbet a structure built for execution by hanging and for the public exhibition of those hanged, consisting of a vertical post to which a horizontal beam is attached at the top; gallows. [1/2 definitions]
ingenious novel or creative in design or execution. [1/2 definitions]
operating system in computing, the software that controls and manages all aspects of a computer's operation, including the execution of application programs; the functioning of computer hardware; data input and output; the timing of and allocation of resources to the execution of multiple, simultaneous tasks; the physical storage and location of data; and computer security. Users interact with the operating system though a graphical user interface.
pursuance the execution of a plan, procedure, or the like.
Scheherazade in The Arabian Nights, a woman who escapes execution nightly by telling an unresolved tale to the Sultan.
short shrift a brief time granted a condemned prisoner for confession or absolution before his or her execution. [1/2 definitions]