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arduous entailing great difficulty, exertion, or endurance; laborious. [1/3 definitions]
blown breathless or exhausted, as from exertion. [1/5 definitions]
breathe to allow to rest after exertion. [1/10 definitions]
breathless breathing heavily following great exertion. [1/3 definitions]
cumbersome causing trouble or unwanted exertion. [1/2 definitions]
effort the exertion of physical or mental energy. [3/4 definitions]
elbow grease (informal) vigorous physical exertion, as in doing work.
fatigue physiological lack of response after prolonged or excessive exertion or stimulation, as in an organ. [1/8 definitions]
fold1 (informal) to weaken or collapse after effort or exertion. [1/16 definitions]
indolence the tendency to avoid exertion or effort; laziness.
indolent inclined to avoid exertion or effort; lazy. [1/3 definitions]
lather foamy sweat, as exuded by a horse during intense exertion. [1/7 definitions]
lazy inclined to avoid effort or exertion. [1/3 definitions]
light2 requiring little effort or exertion. [1/9 definitions]
overexertion combined form of exertion.
painless (informal) not causing much discomfort, exertion, annoyance, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
pull a prolonged exertion. [1/16 definitions]
rest1 a time of ease and comfort following exertion or work. [1/20 definitions]
strenuous requiring or characterized by great effort or exertion. [1/2 definitions]
throe (usu. pl.) any convulsive or anguished struggle, or great exertion. [1/2 definitions]
time-out a period of rest from work, physical exertion, or the like. [1/2 definitions]