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acreage a large expanse of land. [1/2 definitions]
area the amount of expanse of a flat or curved surface. [1/4 definitions]
bowling alley a long narrow wooden expanse of floor with gutters on either side, used for the game of bowling. [1/2 definitions]
esplanade a level, open expanse of pavement or grass, esp. one intended for walking or riding along a shore.
field an expanse of open and usu. grassy ground, or such an expanse used for growing crops. [2/11 definitions]
flat1 (often plural) something flat or having a long level expanse, such as an area of land. [1/17 definitions]
flying frog any of several tree frogs of southeastern Asia having an expanse of webbing between the toes that allows them to make long gliding leaps.
minefield an expanse of land or water in which mines that explode on contact have been laid.
ocean the vast expanse of salt water covering approximately three quarters of the earth's surface. [3 definitions]
open sea that expanse of an ocean away from any coastlines; high seas.
reach continuous expanse. [1/13 definitions]
sea a vast expanse or a great number. [1/6 definitions]
sheet1 a flat, broad covering or expanse. [2/6 definitions]
shrubbery a group, a planting, or an expanse of shrubs. [1/2 definitions]
snowfield a wide, fairly permanent expanse of snow, as at the head of a glacier.
space the three-dimensional expanse that contains the earth and everything beyond it. [2/12 definitions]
speckle a pattern or expanse of such specks on a surface; speckling. [1/3 definitions]
spread a stretch of open space; expanse. [1/18 definitions]
stretch a continuous expanse or distance. [1/19 definitions]
swim to cross or move through (an expanse of water) by means of bodily motions. [1/10 definitions]
tableland a level, elevated expanse of land; plateau.