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deed an act, exploit, or accomplishment. [1/4 definitions]
feather one's nest to exploit an opportunity to enrich oneself, esp. to the disadvantage or at the expense of others.
overexploit to exploit excessively.
rip off (informal) to exploit or cheat (someone). [1/3 definitions]
take advantage to selfishly exploit an opportunity or weakness, or use in a selfish manner for one's own benefit (usu. fol. by "of"). [1/2 definitions]
use to employ for selfish motives; exploit. [1/12 definitions]
vamp2 a woman who is considered to be one that seduces men, esp. in order to exploit them. [2 definitions]
vampire one who preys upon or exploits others, esp. a woman who seduces men in order to exploit them; vamp. [1/3 definitions]
white supremacy the belief or doctrine that the white race is naturally superior to other races, esp. blacks, and therefore has the right to dominate and exploit them socially, economically, and politically.