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breed in genetics, to fertilize or pollinate under controlled conditions in order to develop or improve a strain. [1/9 definitions]
cross-fertilize to fertilize by pollen, sperm, or another male gamete from a different individual, or with different genes or from a different species.
dung to cover or fertilize with manure. [1/2 definitions]
fecundate to fertilize or impregnate. [1/2 definitions]
fructify to cause to be fruitful or productive; fertilize. [1/2 definitions]
mulch a loose thin cover, esp. of organic matter such as leaves or manure, placed over or around the base of plants and shrubs to control evaporation, freezing, or weeds, or to fertilize the roots. [1/2 definitions]
overfertilize combined form of fertilize.
pollinate to transfer pollen to; fertilize the seeds of with pollen.
till2 to plow, harrow, and fertilize soil. [1/2 definitions]