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act to play a role in a film or play, or on television or radio. [1/14 definitions]
acting created or suited for stage, film, or television performance. [2/5 definitions]
action movie a film whose story line focuses on conflict and fast-paced activity, esp. involving physical violence, feats of strength and agility, and chase scenes.
action-packed of a film, video, story, or the like, filled with scenes depicting action, danger, and exciting events.
anime an animated film or video that, typically, is of Japanese origin, is richly illustrated, and employs magical characters and themes.
audio in television or film, the sound portion of a program or broadcast. (Cf. video.) [1/3 definitions]
audiovisual having both sound and a picture, as does a film. [1/2 definitions]
auteur the person primarily responsible for the creation of a film, esp. the director. [1/2 definitions]
auteurism a type of film criticism in which the works of a given director, regarded as the primary creator of a film, are examined to reveal nuances of personal style.
authorship origin, as of a book, film, idea, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
autoradiograph a picture produced on a film by placing it in contact with a radioactive substance.
AV abbreviation of "audio-visual," having both sound and a picture, as does film.
biopic a biographical film or television program often containing scenes that are fictional in order to fill out the plot and add drama, humor, or suspense to make the real life subject compelling to an audience.
bit2 a small role in a film or play; bit part. [1/4 definitions]
black-and-white in shades of black and white only, as a photograph or film. [1/3 definitions]
breakaway of a theatrical or film prop, designing to break under slight impact, as a balsa-wood chair. [2/6 definitions]
cameo a minor role played by a prominent actor or actress in a single scene of a film. [1/3 definitions]
camera a device with a shutter and lens that produces photographs by recording images on a light-sensitive film or plate. [1/2 definitions]
cartridge a unit enclosing photographic film for ease of loading into a camera. [1/4 definitions]
cassette a compact case for film, or audio or video tape, used to facilitate leading a camera or recorder.
cast to choose (an actor) for a role in a play or film. [3/18 definitions]