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accomplished finished; completed. [1/3 definitions]
accomplishment something that has been successfully finished, completed, or achieved. [1/3 definitions]
advance a monetary payment beforehand, esp. before work is finished. [1/14 definitions]
all over with completely finished; over.
be over to be finished; to have reached a conclusion (sometimes used to indicate great finality or that all efforts to change the conclusion are useless).
complete finished or concluded, as a task. [1/6 definitions]
completion the state of being finished , concluded, or made whole. [1/3 definitions]
converter one that converts raw materials into finished products. [1/5 definitions]
design a plan or outline showing how something is to be built or carried out, or the resulting set of features of a plan or outline in the finished product. [1/11 definitions]
done finished; completed; accomplished. [1/4 definitions]
double-faced having two faces, fronts, or finished surfaces. [1/2 definitions]
drivethrough a means by which customers can do business with an establishment at its premises without exiting their vehicles. This mechanism generally consists of a window to the establishment where business is conducted and a specially designated lane by which cars or other vehicles can access the window and exit once business is finished. [1/3 definitions]
end product the final or finished product, as of an industry, chemical reaction, or growth process.
finalize to put into finished form; make complete or definite.
gone used up; finished; exhausted. [1/9 definitions]
hotwalker one who walks racehorses after they have finished a race or workout, in order to cool them off.
industry the activity or process of turning raw materials into finished goods, or a particular business that does this. [1/3 definitions]
joiner a carpenter, esp. one who makes furniture or the finished woodwork of a building. [1/3 definitions]
left over still remaining, not having been consumed, used, or finished at an earlier time (used in the predicate only; not used before a noun). [1/2 definitions]
over finished; concluded. [1/29 definitions]
parole the release of a prisoner before his or her punishment is finished, with conditions of good behavior to be fulfilled. [1/3 definitions]