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blemish a mark that spoils the perfection of something; flaw. [2/3 definitions]
bug (informal) a flaw that prevents something from working properly. [1/8 definitions]
catch a flaw or drawback, often one that is not readily apparent. [1/18 definitions]
chip1 a dent or flaw caused by breaking off a small piece. [1/10 definitions]
defect a flaw, error, or other imperfection. [1/3 definitions]
defective having a flaw, error, or other imperfection. [1/2 definitions]
drawback an impediment to the success or desirability of something; negative feature; flaw.
fault a defect; flaw; weakness. [1/7 definitions]
find out to discover or confirm (a misdeed, secret, character flaw, crime, or the like). [1/2 definitions]
flaw1 to create a flaw in. [1/5 definitions]
foible a minor flaw or weakness in personality, character, or behavior. [1/2 definitions]
immaculate free of any error or flaw. [1/3 definitions]
imperfection a flaw or fault. [1/2 definitions]
perfection the state or condition of being without fault or flaw. [1/3 definitions]
shortcoming a deficiency in character, ability, conduct, or the like; flaw.
spotless without flaw; impeccable. [1/2 definitions]
unexceptionable without flaw or fault; beyond objection or criticism.
vice1 a slight personal flaw or shortcoming; foible. [2/5 definitions]
weakness a personal flaw or area of inadequacy; failing; defect. [1/4 definitions]