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binomial theorem a general formula for expressing any power of a binomial expression without multiplying.
blend the specific recipe or formula of a concoction. [1/9 definitions]
bottle formula or cow's milk fed to infants in place of mother's milk, usu. contained in a bottle fitted with a nipple. [1/4 definitions]
exorcism the ceremony or formula used in such a process. [1/2 definitions]
formula made according to or being a formula. [1/6 definitions]
formularize to express in a systematic or formulaic manner; reduce to a formula.
formulary of, like, or pertaining to a formula or formulary. [1/3 definitions]
formulate to express or represent as a formula. [1/3 definitions]
formulize to reduce to a formula; express in a formula; formulate.
FORTRAN a computer language using mathematical notation and used in scientific problems (acronym for "formula translation").
invocation a formula used for calling forth spirits or conjuring; incantation. [1/4 definitions]
mantra a Hindu sacred formula to be spoken or sung in prayer.
theorem in algebra, a rule expressed as a mathematical equation or formula. [1/2 definitions]
trade secret something such as a formula, device, or process that is the guarded property of only one business or individual and provides an advantage over competitors in afield.