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aroma a pleasant odor, such as that of spices, herbs, or food; fragrance. [1/3 definitions]
bouquet fragrance, esp. of wines and liqueurs. [1/2 definitions]
censer a small container, often swung from chains by a cleric in religious ceremonies, in which the fragrance of burning incense is dispersed.
embalm to give a balmy fragrance to. [1/3 definitions]
flower the part of a plant, often marked by a distinctive color or fragrance, that generates fruit or seeds; blossom. [1/6 definitions]
flowery having the attributes of a flower, such as color or fragrance. [1/3 definitions]
frangipani a perfume derived from these flowers or having a similar fragrance. [1/3 definitions]
incense1 any sweet pleasant fragrance. [1/4 definitions]
lemon made with lemon or having qualities of lemon such as color, flavor, or fragrance. [1/5 definitions]
potpourri a mixture of dried flowers, such as roses, and spices, kept in a jar and used for its fragrance. [1/3 definitions]
rose1 resembling a rose or roses, as in color, shape, or fragrance. [1/7 definitions]
sachet a small bag or pouch filled with scented powder, dried flowers, or herbs, to be tucked into drawers or closets to impart fragrance to clothing.
smell to have or give off an odor or fragrance. [1/12 definitions]
spice a pungent or aromatic odor; fragrance. [1/5 definitions]
vanilla the podlike fruit of this plant, used as a flavoring or extracted for flavoring or fragrance; vanilla bean. [1/4 definitions]