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caddisworm the wormlike larva of a caddisfly that lives in fresh water in an elongated case made of sand, plant debris, and the silk secreted by the larva after hatching.
coho a small ocean salmon, now often introduced into fresh water as a game fish; coho salmon; silver salmon.
eel any of numerous long, snakelike fishes of fresh water or ocean.
freshwater living or operating in fresh water or inland bodies of water only. [2/3 definitions]
grilse a young male salmon that has returned to fresh water for its first spawning.
isopod any of various crustaceans of land, sea, or fresh water that have seven pairs of legs and a flattish body. [1/2 definitions]
limnology the scientific study of bodies of fresh water, including lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, springs, and wetlands.
mullet any of several related food fish of both salt and fresh water in tropical and temperate zones, with a usu. gray, nearly cylindrical body.
mussel any of several bivalve mollusks that live in salt or fresh water.
natural resource a source of economic wealth and prosperity that derives from nature, such as fresh water, mineral deposits, timber, wildlife, and park land.
parr the young of certain fishes, esp. the salmon before it leaves fresh water.
pickerelweed a North American aquatic plant bearing arrow-shaped leaves and spikes of blue-violet flowers that grows in shallow fresh waters.
pipefish any of various elongated, bony-plated fishes found in marine or fresh waters that have tube-shaped snouts.
salmon any of various edible saltwater fishes with tender, pinkish flesh that are related to trout, inhabit waters in the north, and characteristically swim up streams to spawn in fresh water. [1/2 definitions]
sea lamprey a parasitic marine lamprey that spawns in fresh water, and that now occurs landlocked in the Great Lakes.
smolt a young salmon that has developed enough to migrate from fresh water to the sea.
solar pond a pond with a top layer of fresh water and a bottom layer of dense hot salty water, used to trap solar energy for use in heating or to generate electricity.
steelhead a rainbow trout that migrates to the sea before returning to spawn in fresh water.
Stentor any of several large, trumpet-shaped protozoans, found in stagnant fresh waters. [1/3 definitions]
stickleback any of various small fish with sharp spines on their backs, found mostly in northern fresh waters and sea inlets.
tetra any of several small brightly colored tropical fish that are common in fresh water aquariums.