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affright (archaic) to frighten. [1/3 definitions]
boo used unexpectedly to frighten or startle someone. [1/5 definitions]
dismay to frighten or discourage; daunt. [1/4 definitions]
flush3 to frighten from cover or cause to start up or take flight. [1/3 definitions]
funk1 to generate fear in; frighten. [1/5 definitions]
goon (informal) someone hired to frighten, harm, or kill an adversary; hoodlum; thug.
horrify to cause feelings of horror in; frighten, shock, or appall.
make one's blood curdle to frighten greatly; terrify. (See bloodcurdling.)
scare to frighten or startle (someone). [1/4 definitions]
shoo Get away! Go away! (used to frighten away pests of various kinds). [1/2 definitions]
spook (informal) to frighten or cause (an animal or person) to be nervous. [1/4 definitions]