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afterburner a device that increases the thrust of a jet engine by injecting fuel into the exhaust gases for burning. [1/2 definitions]
air-fuel pertaining to the air and fuel injected at the same time into a combustion engine.
alternative energy any form of energy other than that which comes from fossil fuel.
alternative energy source any source of energy other than fossil fuel.
alternative fuel a fuel other than fossil fuel used to power an internal combustion engine.
baseburner a stove or furnace that feeds to the base of the unit additional fuel, such as coal, as needed.
benzine a colorless, liquid mixture of flammable hydrocarbons, used as a solvent in cleaning and dyeing and as a motor fuel.
biodiesel a low-polluting type of diesel fuel made from renewable, organically-derived oils such as vegetable oils or waste animal fats.
biogas any gaseous fuel produced by the bacterial decomposition of organic matter, composed primarily of methane and carbon dioxide.
blow-by the leakage of unburned gases or of air mixed with fuel into the crankcase of an automobile engine, or the gases so leaking. [1/2 definitions]
breeder reactor a nuclear reactor that is designed to produce more fissionable material than it consumes, and thus generate additional fuel for its own operation.
briquette a small brick or cube of charcoal or compressed coal dust, used as fuel in cooking.
bunker a large storage space or bin, as for fuel on a ship. [2/5 definitions]
burn out to stop functioning because of a technical mistake or lack of fuel. [1/2 definitions]
butane a flammable gas used for fuel and for producing synthetic rubber.
carburet to combine, mix, or charge with carbons or hydrocarbons, so as to increase the potential fuel energy.
carburetor a device in an internal-combustion engine that produces a combustible mixture of vaporized fuel and air.
choke to enrich the fuel mixture of (an internal-combustion engine) by reducing the flow of air to the carburetor. [1/9 definitions]
coal a hard black or dark brown substance found in the earth and burned as fuel. [1/3 definitions]
coal oil any fuel oil produced by distillation of bituminous coal.
coke a residue consisting primarily of carbon that is left after coal has been heated in the absence of air, used as an industrial fuel and reducing agent. [1/2 definitions]