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acquired characteristic a change in the structure or function of a living organism that is caused by environmental factors and may not be transmitted genetically.
affix in grammar, a word element that, when added to a word, modifies its meaning or function; prefix, infix, or suffix. [1/5 definitions]
alar like a wing in shape or function. [1/2 definitions]
align to adjust (something), usu. a device, to improve its function. [1/6 definitions]
alignment the state of being in proper adjustment for efficient coordinated function. [1/4 definitions]
amphoteric in chemistry, able to function as both an acid and a base.
analogous in biology, similar in form or function, but of different evolutionary origin. [1/2 definitions]
analogy in biology, a similarity in form or function of organs or parts that are of different evolutionary origin. [1/5 definitions]
application program a computer program designed to be used by, and perform a particular function for, end users, such as a word-processing program, browser, or game.
appoint to name to a particular office or function; designate. [1/2 definitions]
apron something similar to such a garment in shape, function, or position. [1/3 definitions]
arbitrate to function as an arbiter. [1/4 definitions]
as1 in the function or position of. [1/11 definitions]
ATM abbreviation of "automated teller machine," a computerized machine serving the function of a bank teller.
attach to make a part of in action or function. [1/4 definitions]
attaché someone assigned to a governmental delegation or embassy, usu. for a specific function.
augmentative in grammar, a word, word element, or phrase with an augmentative function, or a construction that contains such an augmentative item; intensifier. [1/3 definitions]
automated teller machine a computerized machine serving the function of a bank teller.
backbone anything similar to a backbone in location, function, support, or appearance. [1/3 definitions]
ball2 a large social function at which there is formal dancing. [1/2 definitions]
behave to act or function in a certain way. [1/3 definitions]