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carmagnole the costume worn by the revolutionaries, consisting of a short loose jacket with wide lapels, black pants, a red cap, and a tricolored girdle, or the jacket alone. [1/2 definitions]
cestus1 in ancient times, a belt or girdle worn by a woman.
cincture a belt, band, or girdle. [2/3 definitions]
corselet a woman's supporting undergarment that combines brassiere and girdle. [1/2 definitions]
garter an elastic tab connected to a girdle or the like and used to hold up a stocking. [1/3 definitions]
girdle to put into a girdle. [1/7 definitions]
panty girdle a girdle with a crotch and legs that can vary in length from very short to mid-thigh to knee-length.
pelvic arch see pelvic girdle.