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aluminum hydroxide a white, water-insoluble powder used as an antacid and to waterproof fabric and manufacture glass.
ampoule a small, sealable glass or plastic bulb used for sterile storage of material, esp. for subsequent analysis or hypodermic injection.
anneal to heat and then slowly cool (esp. glass or metal) so as to strengthen and make less brittle.
art deco (sometimes cap.) a decorative style of the 1920s and 1930s that featured geometric shapes and bold colors and that was applied to furniture, glass and plastic ware, graphic productions, architecture, and the like.
bead a small, generally round object, usu. made of glass, wood, or the like with a hole through its center for stringing to make necklaces or for decorating clothing. [1/8 definitions]
beaker a flat-bottomed glass cylinder with a beak or pouring spout, used esp. by chemists. [1/3 definitions]
bell jar a bell-shaped glass cover for a platform, used for displaying and protecting delicate objects. [2 definitions]
blown made by blowing, as glass. [1/5 definitions]
blowpipe a metal tube on which glass is gathered, shaped, and blown into hollow forms. [1/3 definitions]
boric acid a white crystalline compound used as a mild antiseptic and in making glass, enamels, fireproofing materials, and other products.
bottle a container, usu. made of glass and having a slender neck, used mainly for storing or serving liquids. [1/4 definitions]
brew (chiefly American: informal) a bottle or glass of beer or ale. [1/9 definitions]
bugle3 a cylindrical glass or plastic bead used to decorate clothing.
bulb a lighting device that is made of rounded glass and is inserted into an electrical fixture. [1/3 definitions]
bumper a drinking glass or cup that is completely full, esp. of alcohol as for a toast. [3/7 definitions]
calcium oxide a soft white caustic powder used in the treatment of waste, as an industrial alkali, and in the manufacture of steel, glass, plaster, and insecticides; lime; quicklime.
came2 a thin, grooved strip of lead used to secure a piece of glass, as in a stained glass window.
carboy a large bottle, usu. made of glass and surrounded by a protective framework of wood or basketry, used esp. to store and carry corrosive fluids.
cat's-eye any of various gemstones or pieces of glass that reflect light so as to suggest a cat's eye.
chimney a glass tube that surrounds the flame of a lamp and serves to ventilate and protect the flame. [1/2 definitions]
chink2 to make or cause to make a sharp, chimelike sound, as of two pieces of metal or glass striking together. [1/2 definitions]