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crown glass an old form of circular window glass made by blowing a globe and whirling it into a flat disk. [1/2 definitions]
crystal ball a globe of glass or quartz crystal used by fortune-tellers to foretell events in the future.
equator the imaginary circle around the earth's globe equidistant from both the North and South Poles. [1/2 definitions]
global in the shape of a globe; spherical. [1/3 definitions]
globe to shape into a globe. [2/6 definitions]
globoid shaped approximately like a globe; globular. [1/2 definitions]
globose shaped like a globe; globular; globoid.
globular in the shape of a globe or globule; spherical. [1/3 definitions]
hemisphere either of two halves of the terrestrial globe, formed by dividing it into northern and southern parts at the equator, or into eastern and western parts at the prime meridian. [1/3 definitions]
mescal one of two species of cactus, esp. a small, globe-shaped plant with buttonlike projections that are chewed as a hallucinogenic drug by certain Mexican Indians during religious ceremonies. [1/2 definitions]
orb a spherical body such as a globe or planet. [1/3 definitions]
rhumb line the curved line on the surface of a sphere, indicating the path of a ship or plane that maintains a fixed compass direction, which crosses all meridians on a globe or map at the same angle.