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afterglow the light, or the impression of light, that lingers after its source or cause is gone, as after a sunset. [1/2 definitions]
aftertaste a lingering sensation, usu. of taste, sometimes continuing after its cause is gone. [1/2 definitions]
bygone gone by; former; past. [1/2 definitions]
confirmed having gone through the rite of confirmation. [1/3 definitions]
departed no longer present; gone; past; dead. [1/2 definitions]
expatriate one who has gone into exile from or renounced allegiance to his or her native land. [1/5 definitions]
fair ball a batted baseball that stays within the foul lines if airborne or, if it hits the ground before the outfield, that stays within the foul lines until it has gone beyond first or third base.
filtrate that which has gone through a filter. [1/2 definitions]
foregone having gone before; previous. [1/2 definitions]
good riddance used to express relief that someone or something is gone or done with.
hash over (informal) to speak of (something discussed or gone before); review; recollect.
hydrolyte a substance that has gone through the process of hydrolysis.
past gone by in time; not current. [4/16 definitions]
past perfect a verb tense that indicates that an action or state was completed at some indefinite time before a moment in the past, as in "They had already gone". [2 definitions]
remain to stay or be left in the same place after others have gone. [1/3 definitions]
repeat to do or experience again (something that has gone on before). [1/7 definitions]
saint in Christianity, anyone who has died and gone to Heaven. [1/5 definitions]
upstart one who has gone from a humble beginning to a position of power, wealth, or importance, esp. one who is now presumptuous and excessively proud. [1/4 definitions]
velar pronounced with the back of the tongue close to or touching the soft palate, as the "g" sound in "gone" and the "k" sound in "cut". [1/3 definitions]