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assurance a pledge, promise, or guarantee. [1/3 definitions]
assure to make certain; guarantee. [1/3 definitions]
certified check a check bearing the issuing bank's guarantee that there is enough money on deposit to cover the check.
certify to formally endorse or guarantee. [1/5 definitions]
cinch (informal) to cause to be sure to happen; guarantee. [1/6 definitions]
collateral property or other security put forward to guarantee repayment of a loan. [1/5 definitions]
countersign to add an additional signature to in order to attest to authenticity or to guarantee the conditions of (a contract). [1/4 definitions]
deposit money handed over temporarily to guarantee the return of some item. [1/10 definitions]
guaranty to guarantee. [1/5 definitions]
insurance a guarantee of protection against certain misfortunes that is provided by a company in return for payment of a fee. [1/3 definitions]
insure to guarantee against loss or harm, as with an insurance policy. [2/6 definitions]
manhood suffrage within a nation, the right of all adult men to vote regardless of their status. In the United States in the nineteenth century, the movement within individual states toward manhood suffrage sought to guarantee that poor and propertyless white men would not be denied the vote. This movement succeeded in its particular aims but did nothing to ensure the right to vote for non-whites. Although the Fifteenth Amendment was passed after the Civil War to prevent states from denying the right to vote to anyone based on race, manhood suffrage continued to be denied to non-white adult males in many states.
pledge to promise or guarantee. [1/10 definitions]
plight2 to give as a guarantee of some promise or outcome; pledge. [1/3 definitions]
protection (informal) money extorted, as from a business, to guarantee safety from violence or criminal prosecution. [1/4 definitions]
quitclaim the transfer of one's interest, right, or title, as to a piece of property, without a guarantee that the title is good or that there are no debts attached to the property. [1/2 definitions]
seal1 to guarantee, formalize, or confirm (an agreement or the like). [1/10 definitions]
stipulate in a contract or other agreement, to promise or guarantee. [1/3 definitions]
surety an insurance against loss, damage, or nonpayment of a debt; guarantee. [1/3 definitions]
swear by to name (someone or something) as one's witness or guarantee as to the truth of a declaration or the solemnity of a promise. [1/2 definitions]
underwrite to guarantee the sale of (a security) at an agreed price. [1/8 definitions]