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banquet to take part in a banquet as host or guest. [1/4 definitions]
bellboy a man or boy employed by a hotel to carry luggage, food, or drink to the guest rooms, run errands, and page guests.
checkout the time by which a guest at a hotel must vacate his or her room and pay the bill. [1/4 definitions]
company a guest or guests. [1/7 definitions]
concertize to give solo recitals and concerts, as a musician who tours, performing alone or as a guest artist.
guest of honor a distinguished guest, such as a main speaker, brought to such an event by special invitation. [1/2 definitions]
loving cup a large, usu. silver drinking cup with two or more handles by which it was passed from guest to guest at banquets or other festive gatherings, now often given as a sports trophy.
nonguest combined form of guest.
place card a small name card, used esp. at formal dinners, that is set at the place each guest is to occupy at a table.
potluck a meal that is prepared without any special planning, esp. one served to a guest. [1/2 definitions]
register to enter one's name, and often other information about oneself, on a guest list or list of event participants to show that one is in attendance. [1/15 definitions]
stay1 to be a guest or lodger. [1/12 definitions]
visit to remain in (a place) temporarily as a guest. [2/9 definitions]