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accusation a statement declaring another person guilty of crime, misdeed, or error. [1/2 definitions]
apostate characterized by or guilty of apostasy. [1/2 definitions]
beat up to feel guilty or criticize (oneself) excessively, or to blame or criticize (another) severely. [1/2 definitions]
bill of attainder a legislative act in which a person is found guilty, without trial, of a crime, esp. treason, and condemned to capital punishment.
blamable deserving blame; guilty.
bloodstained guilty of shedding blood; murdering. [1/2 definitions]
convict to find (a person) guilty of a crime or misdemeanor, esp. after a legal proceeding. [2/3 definitions]
conviction the process or act of finding a person guilty of a crime or misdemeanor. [2/3 definitions]
cop a plea (informal) to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to avoid trial on the original charge.
criminal guilty of crime. [2/4 definitions]
culpable guilty of a mistake or fault; blameworthy.
culprit someone who is charged with or guilty of a mistake, fault, or crime. [1/2 definitions]
delinquent neglectful of a duty or guilty of an offense or violation of the law. [1/4 definitions]
forgive to excuse or pardon wrongdoing or one who is guilty of wrongdoing; grant forgiveness. [1/4 definitions]
for shame! you should feel embarrassed or guilty about your action.
incestuous of, involving, or guilty of incest.
innocent not guilty as determined by a court of law. [1/6 definitions]
larcenous guilty of larceny. [1/2 definitions]
murderous guilty or capable of murder; likely or intending to commit murder. [1/3 definitions]
negligent guilty of neglecting, or tending to neglect. [1/2 definitions]
perjure to render (oneself) guilty of perjury by giving false testimony under oath.