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beaver1 an amphibious rodent with a thick brown pelt, a wide flat tail, and front teeth used as chisels to fell and strip small trees in the building of its damlike habitat. [1/3 definitions]
biomass the quantity of living matter in a particular habitat measured by weight of organisms per unit of habitat area or by weight or volume of organisms per unit of habitat volume.
bonobo any of a species of highly intelligent African ape related to but smaller than the chimpanzee and exhibiting various human-like behaviors. The bonobo's habitat in the wild is limited to an area within the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
eco- habitat; environment; household.
migrant an animal that regularly travels by instinct from one habitat to another. [1/3 definitions]
migrate to change habitat or location periodically as in response to changes in climate or employment opportunities. [1/2 definitions]
wild (prec. by "the") the natural habitat of an animal, as opposed to an environment where the animal is controlled or cared for by humans. [1/15 definitions]