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beard a similar hairy growth on an animal such as a goat. [1/4 definitions]
bee any of the flying, hairy-bodied, and often stinging insects that live either in social networks or alone, many of which suck nectar from flowers.
borage a plant with bright blue, star-shaped flowers and hairy leaves and stems that are sometimes used as seasoning.
charlock a weed with yellow flowers and a hairy stem, often found in grain fields; wild mustard.
grape ivy a climbing vine having hairy, trifoliate leaves, related to the grape and grown as a houseplant.
gypsy moth a moth having as its larva a hairy caterpillar that is extremely destructive to foliage.
henbane a hairy, malodorous, and poisonous plant of the Mediterranean area whose juice is used to make some medicines.
hirsute covered with hair or stiff hairs; hairy or shaggy.
mallow any of several related plants whose anthers grow in a tube, and that have hairy stems, lobed or dissected leaves, and bear purple, pink, or white flowers.
mole2 a small permanent spot or blemish on the skin, usu. brown and sometimes slightly raised and hairy.
sasquatch (sometimes cap.) a large hairy creature in human form, alleged to live in northwestern North America; bigfoot.
Shih Tzu any of a breed of very small dog native to China, having long hair, a short muzzle, and a hairy tail that curves forward.
tarantula any of several related large American spiders, found mainly in tropical regions, that have hairy legs and a poisonous but not fatal bite. [1/2 definitions]
turnip an edible plant with a large, usu. whitish root, and hairy leaves that are sometimes used as greens. [1/2 definitions]
tussock moth any of several moths, such as the gypsy moth, whose larvae are hairy caterpillars that are often destructive to trees.