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appaloosa a hardy saddle horse of a breed developed in western North America, usu. having a spotted black and white hide.
Dutchman's-pipe a hardy climbing vine having curved leaves and bearing brownish or purplish flowers resembling a tobacco pipe.
grape hyacinth any of various hardy plants of the lily family that are native to Europe and Asia and bear thick clusters of blue or white globular flowers.
gritty stubbornly courageous; hardy in spirit. [1/2 definitions]
hardily in a hardy manner.
hardiness the condition or quality of being hardy; strength; endurance. [1/2 definitions]
hothouse concerning, being, or resembling a delicate plant or plants that require special conditions and treatment; not hardy or adaptable. [1/2 definitions]
lilac a hardy, widely cultivated shrub bearing large clusters of purple, white, or pink flowers. [1/3 definitions]
nonhardy combined form of hardy.
Rambouillet one of a breed of large hardy sheep yielding long fine wool and mutton of good quality.
rose of Sharon a tall, hardy shrub or small tree that bears bright bell-shaped flowers of pink, purple, or white. [1/2 definitions]
rugosa rose a variety of hardy rose having very thorny stems and rough leaves, often used for hedges.
Scotch pine a hardy pine, native to Europe and Asia, that is grown for lumber and as a Christmas tree.
spelt2 a hardy wheat grown in Europe and western Asia and used esp. for livestock feed.
sturdy strong, hardy, or robust, as a person, tree, or house. [1/3 definitions]
vigorous robust, energetic, or hardy. [1/2 definitions]
wolfberry a hardy shrub of northwestern North America, related to honeysuckle, that bears pink flowers and white berries.