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able having the skill, power, or opportunity that one must have to do a thing. [1/3 definitions]
be to do with (chiefly British) to be about or have a connection with; have to do with.
deal1 to act or behave toward other people, esp. in difficult or potentially difficult situations (usu. fol. by "with"). [1/15 definitions]
have got to (informal) have to; must (used in present tense only).
have got to do with to be about or have a connection with something or someone; have to do with.
monopolize to obtain or maintain exclusive control over; have to oneself alone; dominate. [1/2 definitions]
overdraw to have too strong an overdraft, as a stove or furnace. [1/5 definitions]
pertain to relate or refer to something; have to do with. [1/3 definitions]
treat to behave toward (a person or animal) in a particular way. [1/11 definitions]
undervalue to have too little respect or regard for; underrate. [1/2 definitions]