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bandeau a ribbon or headband worn to keep the hair in place or away from the face. [1/2 definitions]
beret a soft, round, flat cap with a close-fitting headband and no visor, usu. made of felt or wool.
diadem a crown or headband symbolizing royal status. [1/3 definitions]
earmuff one of a pair of protective pads joined by an adjustable headband and worn over the ears, as against cold.
snood a headband or fillet for a woman's hair. [1/3 definitions]
tam-o'-shanter a cap or beret of Scottish origin that has a tightfitting headband, a round, floppy crown, and often a tuft or other decoration in the center of the top; tam.
war bonnet a ceremonial headdress worn by some Indians of the North American plains, consisting of a headband with a long trailing extension, both decorated with feathers.