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hem2 to make the sound "hem". [1/4 definitions]
hemline the hem or bottom edge of a garment. [2 definitions]
hemstitch to stitch a hem along a narrow strip where parallel threads have been pulled out, producing a decorative openwork border on (a fabric). [1/2 definitions]
inseam the seam on the inner side of a pant leg, from the crotch to the hem.
Norfolk jacket a loosely belted, single-breasted man's jacket with pockets on either side of the lower front and two box pleats in front and back from the yoke to the hem.
princess of a dress, sewn from single panels extending from shoulder to hem, and having a close-fitting bodice, fitted waist, and flared skirt. [1/4 definitions]
slip stitch a loose, continuous stitch, as on a facing or hem, in which the needle takes up only a few threads of the fabric so that it will be invisible on the outside.
turn down to unfold and pull down (a hem, cuff, or the like) in order to make something longer. [1/4 definitions]