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bank holiday an official holiday in the UK, when banks and other businesses are closed.
Boxing Day December 26, a holiday in the UK and other Commonwealth countries, publicly observed on the first weekday after Christmas.
Canada Day a Canadian legal holiday on July 1, celebrating the anniversary of the formation of the Dominion in 1867; formerly Dominion Day.
Christmas this day as a legal holiday and an occasion for greetings and gift-giving. [1/3 definitions]
Cinco de Mayo the fifth of May, a Mexican holiday commemorating the Mexican army's 1862 victory over the French army at the Battle of Puebla and celebrating Mexican unity and independence.
Columbus Day a U.S. holiday, usu. observed on the second Monday in October, that commemorates Christopher Columbus's discovery of the New World.
eve (sometimes cap.) the evening or day before a special day such as a holiday. [1/3 definitions]
evergreen (pl.) branches or sprigs of evergreen plants, used in certain holiday decorations. [1/3 definitions]
festival a day or more of celebration to commemorate a notable occasion, such as a religious holiday. [1/4 definitions]
greeting card a card that is imprinted with a design or picture and often a verse, sent on a holiday or special occasion to a friend, relative, or the like.
Guy Fawkes Day November 5, a holiday in the UK on the anniversary of Guy Hawkes' failed attempt in 1605 to blow up the House of Lords, celebrated with bonfires and fireworks.
holiday designed for a holiday. [1/5 definitions]
Independence Day a U.S. national holiday celebrated on July 4 in commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from England in 1776; Fourth of July.
King's Birthday in the UK and much of the Commonwealth, a public holiday on the second Saturday in June to officially celebrate the monarch's birthday when the monarch is a king.
Labor Day the first Monday in September, a legal holiday observed in Canada and the United States to honor the labor of working people.
legal holiday a holiday established by law and usu. celebrated by the closing of government offices, banks, and schools, and sometimes businesses and factories.
Lincoln's Birthday a U.S. national holiday observed on February 12 commemorating the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln.
Martin Luther King Day a U.S. national holiday observed on the third Monday of January commemorating the birthday of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.
May Day the first day of May, celebrated traditionally by a dance around a Maypole and the crowning of a May queen, and recently established in some countries as a holiday in honor of international labor.
Memorial Day a U.S. legal holiday to honor deceased soldiers, usu. officially observed on the last Monday in May.
Mothering Sunday (chiefly British) a holiday honoring mothers; Mother's Day.