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cold-blooded done without or lacking kindness or other humane feelings; heartless; cruel. [1/3 definitions]
Geneva Convention one of a number of international agreements, first made in Geneva, Switzerland in 1864, establishing rules for the care of the dead and wounded and the humane treatment of prisoners of war.
human compassionate; humane. [1/5 definitions]
humanity compassion, sympathy, or humane concern. [1/4 definitions]
humanize to make more civilized or humane. [1/2 definitions]
inhumane lacking pity, compassion, or kindness; not humane.
insensate not having or showing compassion or other humane feelings. [1/3 definitions]
mean2 lacking generosity and humane feelings for others. [1/5 definitions]
wanton disregarding what is considered right and humane; unjustifiable. [1/6 definitions]