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acetal a colorless, flammable, volatile liquid compound used as a solvent, in perfumes and cosmetics, in organic synthesis, and to induce hypnosis. [1/2 definitions]
autohypnosis the hypnosis or hypnotic state that results. [1/2 definitions]
hypno- hypnosis. [1/2 definitions]
hypnoid of or relating to hypnosis or sleep.
hypnology the study or science of sleep and hypnosis.
hypnotic of or pertaining to hypnotism or hypnosis. [4/7 definitions]
hypnotism an act or the science of inducing hypnosis. [2 definitions]
hypnotist a person who is skilled in the theory and practice of hypnosis as used for medical purposes or for entertainment.
hypnotize to practice hypnosis. [1/3 definitions]
trance a semiconscious or sleeplike condition during which one's ability to exercise one's own will or control one's movements may be reduced, as in hypnosis or catalepsy. [1/4 definitions]