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anonymous of unknown identity, as an author or donor. [2 definitions]
brand a mark made, as on cattle, by burning with a hot iron, to indicate identity or ownership. [1/8 definitions]
cisgender of, pertaining to, or being a person whose personal gender identity corresponds with the sex that this person was born with or was assigned at the time of birth.
come out to reveal one's sexual orientation or gender identity. [1/8 definitions]
cover story (informal) a fictitious identity, purpose, or the like used to provide a plausible explanation for and conceal one's actual activities; alibi. [1/2 definitions]
depersonalize to cause to lose individual identity or characteristics. [1/2 definitions]
diagnose to determine the identity of (a disease) by examination. [2/4 definitions]
disguise something worn, such as a costume, mask, or the like, to conceal one's identity. [1/5 definitions]
disorient to cause mental confusion in; distort one's perceptions, sense of identity, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
display name in computing, a name visible on a computer screen which indicates the user's identity. The display name is not necessarily the same as the user's "username," which is used in logging in.
distinguish to correctly discern the identity of (each of two or more things) by recognizing how they are different (often fol. by "from"). [1/5 definitions]
faceless lacking distinct identity. [1/2 definitions]
identification a means of proving one's identity, such as a driver's license or passport. [1/3 definitions]
identify to determine or prove the identity of (someone or something). [1/4 definitions]
identity theft the crime of taking on the identity of another by discovering and appropriating identifying information such as social security and credit card numbers.
imposture the act or practice, or an instance of deceiving by taking on a false identity.
incognito in disguise; under a false identity. [4 definitions]
itself used reflexively to show identity between subject and object. [1/3 definitions]
Judaism the cultural, social, and spiritual identity of the Jews. [1/3 definitions]
login the act of authenticating one's identity in order to start using a computer or network, usually by entering a user name and password recognized by the computer. [1/2 definitions]
log in to authenticate one's identity in order to start using a computer or network, usually by entering a user name and password recognized by the computer.