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combustible able to ignite and burn; flammable. [1/3 definitions]
enkindle to set on fire; ignite. [1/2 definitions]
light1 to cause to catch on fire; ignite. [1/13 definitions]
misfire to fail to ignite or fire properly, as an engine. [1/3 definitions]
primer2 a cap or other small vessel filled with an explosive and used to ignite the powder of a gun or mine. [1/3 definitions]
pyrotechnic of, pertaining to, or designating detonators or other activating devices that ignite or explode on signal. [1/3 definitions]
react to ignite a reciprocal action or a counteracting force or effect (often fol. by "on" or "upon") [1/4 definitions]
reignite combined form of ignite.
retrofire to ignite (a rocket engine that is placed opposite the direction of current flight) for the purpose of slowing down or adjusting direction.
safety match a match designed to ignite only when scratched against a chemically treated friction surface.
set fire to to cause to start burning; ignite.
spark plug a device threaded into the cylinder of an internal-combustion engine that produces sparks that ignite fuel. [1/2 definitions]
stir up to cause excitement or agitation in (a person or group); ignite. [2 definitions]