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animate to give (a cartoon or object) the illusion of movement. [1/8 definitions]
animated cartoon a motion picture made by photographing a sequence of drawings showing stages of movement, so as to create the illusion of motion when the images are projected in quick succession.
disenchant to make free of enchantment or illusion.
fool's paradise an illusion of happiness and satisfaction.
foreshorten to distort, or shorten the lines of the long axis of (a visual image) in order to create the illusion of depth and perspective. [1/2 definitions]
freeze frame a technique in which a single frame of film is repeated a number of times to create the illusion that the action has been stopped or frozen, as to resemble a still photograph.
Hobson's choice the illusion of a free choice; choice of one thing or nothing.
illusionism in philosophy, the doctrine that the physical world is merely an illusion produced by the senses. [2 definitions]
illusive of, pertaining to, or like an illusion; illusory.
illusory causing or being an illusion or illusions; unreal or deceptive.
magician one skilled in magic, or one who performs tricks of illusion for entertainment. [1/2 definitions]
maya in Hinduism, illusion, esp. the illusory world of the senses. [1/2 definitions]
mirage an optical effect, often occurring in the desert or on hot pavement, in which light distorted by air masses of different temperatures creates the illusion of water and sometimes inverts distant objects. [2 definitions]
motion picture a series of photographic images projected in rapid succession on a screen, creating the illusion of natural and continuous motion. [1/2 definitions]
phantasm a misleading mental image; illusion. [1/3 definitions]
stage to present (something) to others in order to create a particular impression or illusion. [1/11 definitions]
stereo a method of photography or a photograph that gives an illusion of three-dimensional vision; stereoscopy. [1/4 definitions]
stereoscope an apparatus through which pictures of the same object taken from different angles are viewed through separate eyepieces to produce the illusion of a single image having three dimensions.
stereoscopy the study or use of techniques to give pictures the illusion of three-dimensionality. [1/2 definitions]
trick an optical or auditory illusion. [1/15 definitions]
trompe l'oeil any illusion or effect of this kind. [1/2 definitions]