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bombproof impervious to damage or destruction by conventional bombs.
cast-iron strong, rigid, or impervious. [1/2 definitions]
impenetrable impossible to penetrate or enter; impervious. [1/3 definitions]
proof resistant to penetration or damage; impenetrable; impervious. [1/13 definitions]
rustproof resistant or impervious to rust. [1/2 definitions]
shed2 to be impervious to (usu. a fluid); repel. [1/7 definitions]
stencil a sheet of some material impervious to paint, inks, or the like out of which letters or a pattern has been cut, so that paint, ink, or the like can pass through to form a design on the underlying surface. [1/4 definitions]
sunproof resistant or impervious to sunlight.
tight closely woven, fitted, or structured so as to be impermeable or impervious. [1/11 definitions]
waterproofing the act or process of making something impervious to water. [1/2 definitions]