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aestheticism devotion to aesthetic characteristics as of prime importance. [1/2 definitions]
arrogant having or displaying an attitude of inflated self-importance or pride. [1/2 definitions]
be-all and end-all a thing or person of utmost importance or significance.
before ahead of, as in rank or importance. [1/8 definitions]
believe in to strongly feel the value or importance of, esp. as the answer to a serious problem. [1/3 definitions]
belittle to make (someone or something) seem less in size, value, or importance; depreciate.
billing the order or size of performers' names as they appear on a printed program, screen credits, or the like, taken as a sign of relative status or importance. [1/3 definitions]
bye2 something that has minor or secondary importance; side issue. [1/2 definitions]
capital1 of primary importance. [1/10 definitions]
cardinal first and foremost in importance. [1/4 definitions]
carry weight to have influence, importance, or authority.
chair a position or office of authority and importance. [1/5 definitions]
chief of principal importance. [1/3 definitions]
cipher a person or thing thought to be without importance; nonentity. [1/7 definitions]
colossus anything colossal or gigantic in size or importance. [1/3 definitions]
condescending displaying a belief that one is superior, due to having greater intelligence, being of a higher class, having greater importance, or the like.
connected acquainted with or having access to a number of people, esp. those of power and importance. [1/3 definitions]
consequence importance or significance. [1/3 definitions]
coordinate a person or thing having equal rank or importance. [1/11 definitions]
cosmic of immense extent or importance; vast. [1/3 definitions]
count1 to carry weight or to have worth or importance. [1/10 definitions]