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advance going in front of. [1/14 definitions]
ahead in front of; in advance of. [1/6 definitions]
ante- in front of; before. [1/2 definitions]
areaway a sunken area in front of basement doors or windows allowing access from outside, or permitting light and air to pass through. [1/2 definitions]
auditorium a large room in which performances, speeches, and the like are given in front of an audience, or a building housing such a space.
before in front of; ahead of. [1/8 definitions]
candle to check the freshness of an egg by holding it in front of a light. [1/4 definitions]
coffee table a long low table, usu. placed in front of a sofa.
come along to appear in front of one. [1/4 definitions]
convene to oblige to appear, as in front of a court of law; subpoena. [1/3 definitions]
denunciation a formal accusation of criminality, esp. in front of a public prosecutor. [1/2 definitions]
diorama a scene represented by three-dimensional objects placed in front of a painted background, as in a natural history museum. [1/2 definitions]
doormat a mat placed in front of or inside a door, on which to remove dirt from shoes or feet. [1/2 definitions]
east the direction in front of a person facing the rising sun. [1/7 definitions]
eclipsing binary two stars that orbit a common center of gravity and periodically move in front of each other, causing a fluctuating magnitude.
escarpment a similar slope cut into the ground in front of a fortification or rampart. [1/2 definitions]
face to stand or be in front of. [1/11 definitions]
fender a low metal guard in front of a fireplace. [1/5 definitions]
flash to expose one's genitals or breasts briefly in front of (someone). [1/17 definitions]
forecastle the section of the upper deck of a ship at the bow or in front of the foremast. [1/3 definitions]
forehand the part of a horse in front of the rider. [1/4 definitions]