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case1 things in reality; what is actual or true. [1/9 definitions]
de facto in reality; actually. [1/3 definitions]
dream world a world that exists only in the imagination, not in reality.
hypothetical based on a premise rather than having substance in reality; supposed. [1/4 definitions]
in fact in reality; really; truly; indeed.
local color the distinctive sights, customs, manners, speech, and the like that are characteristic of a particular place or period, either as observed in reality or depicted in literature.
melodrama behavior or events, in reality or fiction, with similarly exaggerated features or effects. [1/2 definitions]
nonobjective designating or being a style or example of graphic art in which objects are not depicted as they appear in reality; abstract; nonrepresentational.
practical useful in reality or capable of being put into use; workable. [1/5 definitions]
real-life pertaining to or occurring in reality.
unflattering causing, or potentially causing, someone or something to appear less attractive or less good than that person or thing is considered to be in reality. [1/2 definitions]
will1 used to make a confident prediction, although in reality the facts are not known. [1/9 definitions]