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aplasia incomplete or faulty development of an organ or tissue.
aplastic pertaining to the incomplete or faulty development of an organ or tissue.
carbon black any of various finely divided forms of carbon obtained from the incomplete burning of natural gas or petroleum oil, and used to make ink, pigments, and rubber, and as a filtering agent.
carbon monoxide a colorless, odorless, combustible, and very poisonous gas, produced by the incomplete combustion of material containing carbon, such as gasoline, because of insufficient air.
careless imprecise or incomplete. [1/5 definitions]
dysfunction incomplete or impaired functioning of a body part or organ.
dyspepsia incomplete or improper digestion of food; indigestion.
educated founded on experience and incomplete information. [1/3 definitions]
fontanel any of the soft openings, covered by a membrane, between the incomplete skull bones of fetuses, infants, and young animals.
fragment a broken off or incomplete part. [1/3 definitions]
fragmentary consisting of fragments; incomplete or disconnected.
go1 to remain incomplete; be left. [1/28 definitions]
half incomplete; partial. [1/7 definitions]
hemistich a line of verse or poetry that is incomplete or shorter than usual. [1/2 definitions]
missing link anything whose absence causes a series to be incomplete. [1/2 definitions]
murmur an irregularity in the heartbeat, caused by incomplete closure of heart valves; heart murmur. [1/6 definitions]
retard to cause (growth, development, or the like) to be slow or incomplete; stunt. [2/3 definitions]
sketchy incomplete, imperfect, or slight. [1/3 definitions]
unfinished not finished; incomplete. [1/3 definitions]