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an variant of the indefinite article "a," used before words starting with a vowel or vowel sound. [1/2 definitions]
couple a small, indefinite number. [1/6 definitions]
day in, day out every day without change; continuously over an indefinite number of days.
eventual happening in the end after an indefinite amount of time.
eventually at an indefinite time in the future; ultimately; finally.
everlasting lasting for an indefinite or very long time. [1/7 definitions]
generality an indefinite or unspecific statement. [1/3 definitions]
inch a small indefinite amount. [1/3 definitions]
indeterminate not fixed, clear, or precise; indefinite or uncertain. [1/3 definitions]
lac2 a very large, indefinite number. [1/2 definitions]
moment a very brief, indefinite amount of time. [1/4 definitions]
myriad a large but indefinite number. [1/3 definitions]
nebulous cloudlike or indefinite in outline. [1/2 definitions]
neutral lacking definitive or striking qualities; indefinite. [1/9 definitions]
open-ended indefinite or inconclusive; vague. [1/4 definitions]
past perfect a verb tense that indicates that an action or state was completed at some indefinite time before a moment in the past, as in "They had already gone". [1/2 definitions]
penumbra an indefinite, borderline area. [1/3 definitions]
period an extended and indefinite span of time, as of an archaeological or historical era. [1/8 definitions]
perpetual lasting or intended to last for an indefinite or unlimited time. [1/4 definitions]
present perfect a verb tense that indicates that an action or state has been completed at some indefinite time up to the present, as in "I have lived in four countries". [1/2 definitions]
quantity an indefinite or unspecified amount. [1/6 definitions]