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calling vocation, occupation, or career, esp. considered as inspired or inevitable.
certain sure to happen; inevitable. [1/8 definitions]
defeatist one who regards losing or failing as inevitable or accepts it with resignation. [1/2 definitions]
destiny all events collectively, viewed as the inevitable result of fate. [1/3 definitions]
edge the point beyond which something becomes likely or inevitable; verge. [1/10 definitions]
fate predetermined or inevitable outcome; destiny. [1/6 definitions]
foregone having been anticipated as certain or inevitable. [1/2 definitions]
inevitable that which is inevitable (prec. by "the"). [1/2 definitions]
involve to include as a necessary or inevitable part, condition, or result. [1/6 definitions]
matter-of-course occurring in the normal or logical course of events; inevitable; routine. [1/2 definitions]
necessary unavoidable; inevitable. [1/5 definitions]
stoic (cap.) an adherent of an ancient Greek school of philosophy that advocated not being overly moved by the inevitable fortunes and misfortunes of life. [1/4 definitions]
unavoidable impossible to avoid or escape; inevitable.
verge the point or limit beyond which something something is likely, inevitable, or attainable; brink. [1/6 definitions]