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cauterize to sear with heat or chemicals to stop bleeding or destroy infected tissue.
community spread the spread of an infectious disease within a community, especially the spread within a community where there are infected individuals who cannot trace the source of their infection and have not traveled to areas where there are known cases of the disease.
corrupt contaminated or infected. [1/11 definitions]
fester to become filled with pus; become infected. [3/5 definitions]
HIV-positive being infected by the HIV virus, or pertaining to an infection by the HIV virus.
hydrophobia a deadly viral disease of the central nervous system, usu. transmitted by the bite of an infected animal; rabies. [1/2 definitions]
infection the act of infecting or an instance or state of being infected. [1/5 definitions]
nagana a disease of livestock transmitted by the bite of infected tsetse flies.
noninfected combined form of infected.
rabid of or pertaining to rabies or to one infected with rabies. [1/3 definitions]
rabies an infectious viral disease of mammals usu. transmitted by the bite of an infected animal, causing inflammation of the central nervous system that results in violent and irrational behavior followed by death if not treated.
septic infected with harmful or destructive bacteria. [1/2 definitions]
toxoplasmosis infection with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, often occurring after eating undercooked meat or touching the feces of an infected cat, that usu. causes mild symptoms in adults but may cause severe complications in an unborn child.
ulcerate to develop an ulcer, as an infected wound. [1/2 definitions]
uninfected combined form of infected.
Zika a virus transmitted by certain mosquitos that sometimes causes a typically mild, influenza-like illness in adults and children but that can also cause microcephaly in infants born to mothers infected with the virus. Zika is also associated with complications of pregnancy and neurological disorders in children and adults. Many people infected with the virus do not have symptoms of infection.