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continuum in mathematics, a set with two end points and an infinite number of points between. [1/2 definitions]
endless being or seeming boundless; infinite; limitless. [1/3 definitions]
eternity time without beginning or end; infinite past and future. [1/3 definitions]
forever for an infinite amount of time; eternally. [1/2 definitions]
infinitude the quality or condition of being infinite. [2 definitions]
infinity the character or condition of being infinite. [1/5 definitions]
limited contained within limits; not endless or infinite; restricted. [1/2 definitions]
line1 a mathematical figure that is represented by a long, straight, unbroken mark with an arrow at each end. The arrows symbolize that the line continues endlessly in both directions. A line, as a mathematical concept, has infinite length but no width. [1/21 definitions]
measureless incapable of being measured; having no boundaries or limits; infinite.
nth of, related to, or being an indefinitely large number, the last in an infinite series of increasing or decreasing values. [1/3 definitions]
omnipotent possessing infinite power; all-powerful. [1/3 definitions]
omniscient infinite in knowledge; all-knowing. [1/3 definitions]
unlimited having no boundaries; vast; infinite; boundless. [1/3 definitions]