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aim to strive toward a particular goal (often followed by an infinitive or "at"). [1/8 definitions]
aspire to want strongly; have as an aim (usu. fol. by "to" "after," or an infinitive).
assent to give in; concede; comply (often fol. by "to" or infinitive). [1/3 definitions]
be used to indicate that something is or was strongly expected, requested, or due to happen, especially because arranged or scheduled (followed by an infinitive). [3/10 definitions]
bound1 certain; sure (fol. by an infinitive with "to"). [1/5 definitions]
care (formal) to have a desire; wish (used in negative statements and questions; fol. by an infinitive). [1/12 definitions]
certain destined (usu. fol. by an infinitive). [1/8 definitions]
choose to decide (followed by an infinitive). [1/4 definitions]
get to be in the process of reaching a certain state, or to accomplish this process (fol. by a stative verb in the infinitive). [2/17 definitions]
go around to fill the specific need for something (usu. used in the infinitive form). [1/2 definitions]
indisposed not willing or inclined; averse (usu. fol. by infinitive). [1/2 definitions]
infinitive characterized by or having an infinitive. [1/2 definitions]
opt to decide; choose (usu. fol. by "for" or an infinitive).
ought used to indicate what is considered to be morally correct or responsible behavior (usu. fol. by an infinitive with "to"). [4 definitions]
propensity a natural or inborn tendency, aptitude, or preference (often fol. by an infinitive or "for").
purpose to determine or resolve (usu. fol. by an infinitive). [1/6 definitions]
say to communicate (some request or instruction) in speech or writing (fol. by an infinitive). [1/16 definitions]
split infinitive an infinitive in which a word or group of words, usu. an adverb or adverbial phrase, comes between "to" and its following verb, as in "to easily succeed".
supposed required or expected based on an agreement, promise, convention, or rule (fol. by an infinitive with "to"). [3/5 definitions]
to used before a verb to show the infinitive, or by itself to represent an implied verb. [1/15 definitions]
undisposed not inclined or willing (usu. fol. by an infinitive). [1/2 definitions]