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attack to begin to inflict harm upon. [1/9 definitions]
attaint to inflict the loss of civil rights on (someone) following conviction for a major crime. [1/2 definitions]
avenge to inflict punishment or cause suffering as retribution for; take vengeance for. [2 definitions]
cruel inclined to inflict or intentionally inflicting pain, hardship, or suffering. [1/3 definitions]
fire ant any of various ants that can inflict a burning sting, found esp. in South America and the southern United States.
go for the jugular to attempt to inflict a seriously wounding or fatal blow; attempt to defeat decisively.
hurt to inflict pain, damage, or suffering. [1/8 definitions]
penalize to inflict a penalty on (a person or group). [2/3 definitions]
Portuguese man-of-war a sea hydrozoan found in warm oceans, having a bladderlike sac that resembles a sail and allows it to float, and trailing many long stinging tentacles that may inflict severe injury.
prick to mark, puncture, or inflict pain on with a small, sharp object. [1/9 definitions]
scourge to inflict punishment, suffering, or destruction upon. [1/4 definitions]
sting to inflict or feel a sudden, sharp, physical or emotional pain. [2/9 definitions]
stingray any of a variety of rays having a long whiplike tail on which is a venomous spine that can inflict severe wounds.
threat a declaration of intent to cause harm or difficulty, or to inflict punishment. [1/3 definitions]
torment to inflict great physical or mental anguish on. [1/4 definitions]
venomous producing venom; able to inflict a poisonous bite or sting. [1/2 definitions]
visit to inflict (usu. fol. by "on" or "upon"). [1/9 definitions]
wither to inflict heavy damage on; blight; decimate. [1/5 definitions]
wound1 to inflict a wound. [1/4 definitions]
wreak to inflict or carry out (punishment, revenge, destruction, or the like). [1/2 definitions]