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ability inherent skill or talent. [1/2 definitions]
biorhythm an inherent rhythm or cycle in a biological function or process. [1/2 definitions]
chi2 vital energy that, according to Taoist and other Chinese philosophies, is inherent in all things and whose free and balanced flow around the body is the basis of good health.
constitutional of or belonging to the fundamental nature of a person or thing; inherent. [1/4 definitions]
essence the inherent qualities that make something what it is; crucial ingredients; central nature. [1/4 definitions]
extrinsic not inherent or essential; extraneous. (Cf. intrinsic.) [1/2 definitions]
immanent existing within; inherent. [1/3 definitions]
intrinsic being essential to or of the nature of a thing; inherent.
mettle inherent temperament; character. [1/2 definitions]
natural law a law or body of laws considered to be inherent in nature, right reason, or religion, and believed to be morally binding on human actions. [1/2 definitions]
natural rights basic rights, such as life and liberty, that are considered inherent rights of all human beings.
pride an inherent feeling of dignity and worth. [1/7 definitions]
principle an inherent sense of morality that directs or restrains actions. [1/4 definitions]
quality a distinguishing feature or inherent characteristic; property or trait. [1/5 definitions]
racist holding or embodying the conscious or unconscious view that racial groups as a whole have inherent differences in character or abilities that can be judged as superior or inferior. [2/7 definitions]
sin1 the supposed inherent disposition of humans to commit such violations. [1/5 definitions]
turn a characteristic or inherent mood, style, or tendency. [1/32 definitions]
valuable having inherent merit or worth; useful; important. [1/3 definitions]
value inherent worth, importance, merit, or usefulness. [1/8 definitions]
virtu merit or value inherent in such objects. [1/2 definitions]
worth inherent excellence or importance. [1/8 definitions]