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drag to inject into a discussion, often gratuitously or inappropriately. [1/13 definitions]
fluorinate to treat, combine, or inject with fluorine. [1/2 definitions]
hypodermic syringe a piston syringe fitted to a hollow needle, used to inject a substance under the skin.
infuse to introduce or inject, as if by pouring; instill (usu. fol. by "into"). [1/2 definitions]
injectable combined form of inject.
inoculate to inject or otherwise infect (a person or animal) with a virus or microorganism, esp. in order to create immunity to a disease. [2/3 definitions]
needle an instrument designed to inject substances into or remove something from the body. [1/7 definitions]
reinject combined form of inject.
revivify to inject new life or vitality into.
shoot (slang) to inject (illegal drugs). [1/19 definitions]
syringe such a device attached to a hollow pointed needle and used medically to draw out measured quantities of body fluids or to inject drugs or the like; hypodermic syringe. [2/3 definitions]
wade in to suddenly get involved or inject one's opinion into an ongoing discussion, debate, or conflict. [1/3 definitions]