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ballpoint a pen that has a small ball in its tip which transfers ink from a reservoir to the writing surface; ballpoint pen.
blot a stain or spot, esp. of ink on paper. [1/8 definitions]
blotter a piece of absorbent paper used to blot ink or to protect a writing surface. [1/2 definitions]
blotting paper a soft thick absorbent paper used to blot excess ink from a piece of writing; blotter.
carbon black any of various finely divided forms of carbon obtained from the incomplete burning of natural gas or petroleum oil, and used to make ink, pigments, and rubber, and as a filtering agent.
drier1 a drying agent, as in paint, ink, varnish, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
eosin a red crystalline powder, used in staining tissues for microscopic viewing, in coloring gasoline, and in ink manufacturing.
fingerprint an impression of the skin pattern in the fingertip left on an object that it has touched, esp. one made with ink and used as identification. [1/2 definitions]
fountain a chamber from which a liquid, such as ink in a pen, can be supplied slowly and steadily. [1/5 definitions]
fountain pen a pen in which ink is drawn into a pointed nib at one end from a reservoir or cartridge inside.
highlighter a marker having a broad felt tip and transparent, often fluorescent ink, applied to lines of text to indicate their importance.
India ink an ink made from this pigment. [1/2 definitions]
ink to mark, stain, or color with ink. [2/4 definitions]
inkblot a spot or stain of or like ink on paper. [1/2 definitions]
inkhorn formerly, a small portable container for ink, usu. made of horn. [1/2 definitions]
inkjet designating a printing system in which electrostatically charged drops of ink are guided by a computer program to form printed characters or images.
inkstand a small stand or tray that holds bottled ink and pens.
inkwell a small container for ink, often recessed into a desk or table top.
inky black or dark as ink. [3 definitions]
linseed oil a yellowish oil extracted from flaxseed, used in making oil paints, ink, linoleum, and the like.
lithography the art or process of printing using a smooth stone or metal plate treated so that only the areas meant to print will absorb and transfer ink.