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cochlea a spiral tube in the inner ear of most mammals, containing the endings of nerves that register sound in the brain.
earache a persisting pain in the middle or inner ear.
labyrinthitis an inflammation of the inner ear, often affecting the sense of balance.
mastoid process the posterior part of the temporal bone that is located behind the inner ear, having attachment points for muscle and openings for the passage of blood vessels.
otosclerosis a soft bonelike growth in the inner ear that can cause deafness.
saccule the smaller of two sacs within the vestibule of the inner ear. [1/2 definitions]
semicircular canal any of three loop-shaped tubular canals in the inner ear that maintain balance and orientation.
utricle the larger of two saclike cavities in the inner ear, useful in the maintenance of bodily equilibrium. [1/2 definitions]