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countersink to insert (a bolt, screw, or the like) into a hole that has been enlarged at the top. [1/4 definitions]
dickey an insert worn, as under a jacket or the like, to simulate a shirt front. [1/5 definitions]
enter to introduce; insert. [1/11 definitions]
feed to insert and allow to be pulled or taken in. [1/13 definitions]
inset something placed in or within something else; insert. [2/3 definitions]
intercalate to insert (an extra day or month) in the calendar. [2 definitions]
interlard to insert in various places; intersperse with; mix in (usu. fol. by "with").
interleave to insert or bind an interleaf or interleaves in.
interline1 to write, print, or insert between the lines of (a text, document, or the like); interlineate.
interpolate to insert (an additional or extraneous element) between things or parts. [2/4 definitions]
interpose to place or insert between parts or things. [3/6 definitions]
introduce to insert or put into. [1/6 definitions]
intubate of a doctor or other medical personnel, to insert a tube through a patient's mouth and into the upper respiratory tract in order to connect the patient to a machine, a ventilator, that assists in breathing.
put in to verbally insert (something) into a discussion. [1/7 definitions]
reinsert combined form of insert.
thrum2 to sew or insert short ends of rope yarn in (canvas on ships) so as to roughen the surface. [1/3 definitions]
valve to insert or create a valve to control the flow of or in (a fluid or gas, or a passageway for fluid). [1/5 definitions]
weave to insert or interlace (usu. fol. by "in" or "into"). [1/8 definitions]