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abridgment an act, process, or instance of abridging. [1/3 definitions]
absence an instance or period of time of being away. [1/3 definitions]
abstention the act or practice, or an instance, of abstaining. [1/2 definitions]
abstract designating the idea of something without regard to a particular instance or object. [2/13 definitions]
act something done, esp. a specific instance; deed. [1/14 definitions]
affectation a specific instance of such pretense. [1/2 definitions]
annihilation the act of destroying completely, or an instance or state of being completely destroyed. [1/2 definitions]
annoyance the act or an instance of disturbing or irritating. [1/3 definitions]
anomaly an act or instance of differing from the usual pattern, form, or type; peculiarity; abnormality. [1/2 definitions]
apocalypse any instance of terrible destruction and devastation, esp. on a scale that could bring about an end to the world. [1/3 definitions]
appearance the act or an instance of appearing or coming into view. [1/4 definitions]
arraignment an instance of being brought before a court of law to respond to a charge or indictment.
as1 for example; for instance. [1/11 definitions]
assist an instance of support, help, or assistance. [1/5 definitions]
at every turn in every case or instance.
augury the art or practice or an instance of predicting the future or obtaining hidden knowledge by interpreting omens. [1/2 definitions]
belch the act or an instance of belching. [1/4 definitions]
bet an instance of betting. [1/7 definitions]
bloodbath (informal) a period or instance of great loss, failure, or disappointment. [1/2 definitions]
blow-dry the act or process, or an instance, of blow-drying. [1/2 definitions]
boating an act, instance, or process of using a boat for pleasure, as in rowing, canoeing, or sailing. [1/2 definitions]